Saturday, February 9, 2013


Ah, co-op.
If they aren't eating rocks, painting animals, sampling yummy treats, singing at the top of their lungs or making maracas, you might find the kids...
 walking a balance beam.

I have such mixed feelings about co-op.

On one hand, I LOVE it!  
The kids are with other kids and have different classes with teachers other than myself.
Teachers with different teaching styles.
We're all friends.
It is nice to see them and their children.
Children with other viewpoints.
My kids really enjoy going.
We get there and I'm glad we're there.

On the other hand,
it is a really big hassle. 
The night before is spent in gathering everything up and prepping lunch for the next day..making sure the kids are in bed early.
I have to pack everyone and the kitchen sink up super early in the morning and 
drive an hour to get there.
Its a drain on gas.  We're tired.  It eats our entire day.  It is tough with an infant (so far, thankfully he has been pretty good) and a 2 year old (so far, I haven't HAD to bring him with me).  
Nursery is not my thing.

Don't ask me what I'll do come September..
I don't know.

For now, we'll enjoy it.

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Mom R said...

I remember driving to Lafayette & then Blairstown for Co-op, we were so tired by the time we got home @ 4pm, and that was with no babies in tow.