Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 Not sure if there is a point to this post, other than just venting.
Here goes.

Lately, I'm feeling like I need about six more hours per day.
I just can't seem to get anything accomplished.
Yes, the kids are fed and clothed but..sometimes that feels like it!

Jared is now three months old, and I'm thinking maybe it is time for a "new schedule."
Schedule..like I really "schedule."
I don't in a strict sense, but rather have a loose plan for our days.  
If you don't know it by now, I'm pretty flexible.
Anyway, being 3 months old, he does not sleep the majority of the day away anymore.  Yes, he still sleeps quite at bit, but not the same as his first few months.  Nor is he as content to be put in a chair or swing.  This most certainly affects our day.

At any given moment, you may find cobwebs in the corners, (clean) laundry on the couch, books littering..uh, everywhere, dishes on the counter, toothpaste spatter on the bathroom sink...yes, you guessed it.  My greatest challenge these days is NOT educating my children, it is keeping my house clean in the way I like it to be clean. 
And I don't even have a big house!
(Though that in a roundabout way contributes to the mess,
there is not a "spot for everything" around here)
I haven't yet found a way to balance housework and schoolwork.  I've cut back on "seat work" where I can, but time is still elusive.  The kids can help me with certain things, putting away their laundry, clearing/setting the table for meals, vacuuming...but they are still a bit too young for the "heavy lifting."  I don't like the disarray of our abode. 
I REALLY don't like the mess.

I don't expect perfection..we LIVE here. 
KIDS live here.
Kids school here.
 Something has to give.

Mike helps out when he can, which is a huge help--and even more important--he gets it.
He totally understands (or at least pretends to) that raising 5 young children, keeping house, homeschooling along with everything else is a full time job and like I said--something has to give.
I am not superwoman..well, except for on Tuesdays... *wink*
Anyway, point I'm making is
that the bulk of the homemaking/housekeeping/child-rearing is up to me.
And that's okay, because it is my job.

So, we come full circle.
I don't feel like my job is getting done.


momrose said...

anytime you need help, we're here!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing I would love more is to help

Stacie said...

Thanks but NO thanks. The day I need or want someone to help, you'll know there is something SERIOUSLY wrong! Just venting.

Anonymous said...

Just recently I started having the kids help me for at least 1 hour. We get the house in order enough to vacuum. When you have a clean floor it feels so good. Forget about dusting and such - until the kids are with Daddy. Although they do love to go around with a rag and spray :) It has helped me, we usually read or have a treat when all is finished. Just another idea!

Stacie said...

Yes, the kids helping does help...but they do tend to get off track and I'll find them playing with the toys that they are supposed to be cleaning up :)

I pretty much don't dust in the winter time, unless we're having company. The woodstove kicks out so much dust that it is pointless. An hour after I dust, I have a fine layer over everything.

This is a phase that will pass in time. "They" tell me some day I'll long for a messy house and toys strewn all over..

Trevor & Jill said...

Glad I'm not the only one with laundry on the couch and dishes in the sink! Thanks for your honesty stacie! :)