Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today, very UN-intentionally, we have not cracked a single book.

It was not my plan, but the day just got away from us.

Other than our Bible devotions this morning, we have not done any "official" school work.

I could call this a fail of a school day.

Or is it?

We went to storytime.

We played some computer learning games.

We read about Abraham Lincoln.

We baked cookies.

We listened to an audio book.

We made some spinning art.

We cleaned up our rooms.  

We made messes of our rooms.

I completed my lesson plans for Friday 
(usually I do it the Saturday ahead, but was out ALL day this past Saturday)

So, you tell me--just because we didn't open a book or do "traditional" schoolwork, was it a wasted school day?

I don't know about yours, but my kids love to use the computer.  
As long as it is supervised, I'm okay with it.  Just another educational medium.
I wanted to share a few FREE sites we've been using recently.

Free worksheets on nearly anything.
Daily math practice

 Phonics Games and Reading

Phonics Games

A whole multitude of learning stuff

Are there any that you use and find worthwhile, that you wouldn't mind passing along?

p.s. A few of those books may still be cracked open tonight, we'll see.  ;)


Anonymous said...

No Fail :). I love schooling that way a few times each week! Life in general should always be a learning experience. Happy home schooling!!

Trevor & Jill said...

I say pass! With flying colors! You had your kids in the Word, and that is the most important book they will ever open!