Friday, July 27, 2012


July is coming to a close.
This means summer too, is nearly done.
I know, I know, we still have August.
Still, didn't July fly by?

What has been going on these past couple of weeks?
Well, we have another new nephew/cousin, Cameron Blake, born this past Monday.
We have not been to see him yet, but as far as we know all is well with mother and baby.

Next baby is ours!
  In a few short months, we'll have a new bundle and a new routine to get used to.
It is a good thing that kids are flexible.
I've acquired a dresser for the little one and so have started to sort clothes and blankets etc.
I made a list of things to purchase prior to the I guess we're on our way to being ready.

I spent a chunk of time last week, while the storms were storming, preparing for this coming school year.  I have the books all organized and on the proper shelf.  I even have the first week of school planned out.  I hope I'm not being too ambitious in my planning.  As with most things, I'm sure it will take a couple of weeks to settle in and get our routine down. I was approached about teaching  Sunday School a few weeks ago..not sure if it was an official asking or if it was a inquiry of interest...something I should find out soon.

Our garden is producing.
We had our first (completely homegrown) salad last week.
We've gotten several tomatoes and some lettuce (not too thrilled with the lettuce, btw), I have zucchini and cucumbers ready to be picked in the next couple of days.  
Nothing in excess at this point.
There are flowers on my cantaloupe plants..the onions are growing..
for a first garden, it didn't do too poorly. 

We had a family unload a ton of hand-me-downs for the girls.
I don't know about you, but hand-me-downs are great and I am thankful for them and to this family for passing them along.  I was able to sort through it all and even make up bags for our local nieces, since we're out of those sizes.  Now, if only I could find someone with an older boy, we'd be set!! ;)
Not only did we get some "new" clothes, but Michael scored a drum set. 
A real drum set.
(It is in the basement, where it will remain!!)
We brought home of those motorized jeeps (girly) but ALL the kids are having a grand time with it.

Now that it is just about August, 
we're trying to get in all the end-of-summer activities and playdates and visits.
It is tough to fit everything into a schedule!  We went to the lake this week and had a great time, saw a circus/magic show, storytime, Daddy had a sick day, the fair starts this week and so on and so forth.  We have only been to a pool 2x this year so far!  Can't teach the kids to swim with only two times under our belt :\  
We are supposed to be hermit crab sitting for the month of August and possibly adding a new pet to our family.  I'll keep you posted on that development.  Michael is into bugs and reptiles at this point in time and every so often will mention wanting a snake.  I draw the line at snakes.  NO WAY!  Not happening.  I should take a picture of the "chicks."  They are huge.  There is one rooster for sure, which we expected.  It will either be dinner or sold.  We'll see.  I don't want a rooster at this point in time. 

I'm thinking that one of these days I need to organize this blog a bit least the list of outside blogs I frequent.  Several of them are personal friends, but many are not and fall into specific categories.  Would that be helpful?  Or you don't care either way?

Okay, well I suppose that is enough for today.  
Enjoy your weekend!

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