Monday, July 30, 2012


We visited the county fair on opening day.
It was HOT!!!
I was literally dripping.
Thankfully, soon after we left it started to rain and that cooled things down significantly.

Some things we did:

Pony rides.
I do believe that this was a first time for all the kids.
Michael and Rian (I think she did?) went on a camel ride last year at the fair, 
but never pony rides before.  Carina needed a bit of convincing, and even though she didn't smile for any pictures, we could tell she enjoyed it.


Or, waiting for lunch.

Each of the kids got to pick one ride.
Rian and the boys went on the cars.

 Carina and Travis (he didn't get a pony ride) went on the carousel.

A brief glimpse of a lawnmower pulling contest..

And ice cream.

Of course, we also checked out the 4-H tents and vendor displays not to mention the animals.
As I said, it was opening day and we went fairly early on in the day--unfortunately, a lot of the animals and displays were not even set up yet!  Who knows, maybe we'll head back later in the week.  We also missed the balloon launching since we left early. 
My camera's battery died mid-way through pony rides, so I'll make sure I have it charged prior to going.  The delay on the phone makes it difficult to capture moving things (no good pics of the rides).

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