Friday, July 6, 2012


Our fourth of July was both busy and relaxing at the same time.  
It was full, but not overwhelming.
We had lunch and a birthday celebration in the early afternoon.
Travis sporting his sunblock mohawk.

Just like Dad.

Watching a game of horseshoes.

A bit later in the afternoon, 
we went to the lake to cool off!
We timed it just right so the office was closed and we didn't need to pay holiday admission.
There were a lot of people there, but it was not overly crowded.
Water was great and the kids had a blast!
I did not take one single picture.
We were too busy chasing little swimmers and playing on the playground etc.
A nice surprise for Michael was that one of his friends from Pre-K was there and sought him out.
How she spotted him from the other side of the lake, I am still trying to figure out!
They had a nice time playing together.

Water, sand, and sun make for one pooped little guy!

From the lake, we headed into town for fireworks
(and some pre-firework ice cream!)
We got a spot just in time.  
Not even 10 minutes after we pulled in and parked, the parking lot was nearly full.
And this a little over an hour before the show was to start.

Travis woke up right after everyone finished their ice cream...

Is it time yet?

Pretending to take pictures

This is what Daddy did while the fireworks were being set off.

Travis had a nice seat on Michael's back...

I am a lousy firework photographer.
I admit it.
I never time it just right.
In my defense, the battery was going on the camera and there was a bit of a delay.

Happy Birthday, America!

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