Monday, January 16, 2012


This past Saturday morning, we took the kids bowling for their first time!

Getting a few pointers from Dad.

Poor Bean,
Michael accidentally dropped a ball on her finger..
(no we don't think it is broken)
so it definitely put a damper on her day.
She did rally to bowl one round.
 Even Mister gave it a go.
And LOOVED it..

I think Michael ended with the highest score of 72.

Miss Bean icing her finger.

But, I want to go again!


Missy was so funny.
First off, it took about 10 minutes for the ball to roll down the lane..
(so sometimes Daddy gave it an extra push)
Then as soon as she let go of it, she would get all excited and run back, "I did it!" or some such saying!
All before the ball was even halfway down.
For a peanut, she has some muscles on her though, she had no problem carrying the ball.

It was fun.
We just let the kids bowl, and it was only 1 game at that, but it was
nice to see things fresh through their eyes.

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