Thursday, January 26, 2012


 Our first snow of the winter!
October doesn't count.
I'm glad it was on a Saturday and that Mike was home.
I'm not so fond of playing in the, someone has to stay in for the million potty breaks and glove-fixing and disrobing and re-adjusting that occurs with little ones.

Here are some pictures.

This was the first time that Travis played in the snow.
He was sooo bundled up he could hardly move..
you know how puffy those one piece snowsuits are!!
Poor kid, three face plants later, he was inside.

The snow was so light that snowmen were out of the question.
They still had fun though.

Even Daddy...I was too slow with the camera.
He was swinging.

Missy had a blast!

Everyone took turns pulling Travis for the brief amount of time he was out.

My current favorite picture.

What did you do on the snow day?

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Anonymous said...

who is that guy with the "stuff" on his face? DR