Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is what I get with distraction.

Let me explain.
This past Saturday, Mike and I spent the entire day moving furniture around and re-arranging things.
The kids then had something of a free-to-do-things-that-they-normally-can't-do pass.
Such as eat lunch in the living room.
Not at a table.
Such as open and eat their candy canes without supervision--as long as it was not on the furniture.

And they were good about it.
I neglected to mention that Travis was napping during this period.

As Mike and I were busy moving and changing etc., I didn't think to check the location of the half eaten candy canes. 
He got up and the next thing I know, little mister is running around the house with a sticky mess!
He found his brother's half eaten piece (left on a placemat on the coffee table) and decided to help himself!

He was corraled into his booster for the remainder of the mess.
What a mess!!


But what a cute mess, no?

It is a good thing that these kinds of distractions only come along every so often.
He totally enjoyed it.

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