Tuesday, January 17, 2012


No, no...not a part of my body.

Hm, though on second thought, maybe an extension of my body.
This piece of furniture, equipment, source of music and enjoyment, sometime stress reliever, praise instrument, has been around for lotsa years.
Since prior to my teen years, if I remember correctly..and that is saying a lot!
As with all good things, they must come to an end sometime.
The time came.
Unfortunately, it died.

 It was old, a cast-off from a church,
 and apparently they are not made like this anymore, so we were not able to get it repaired.

So, I had to say goodbye.
It really is very sad.
I miss it.

We do have another source of music that moved in right away..
and I am very thankful for it.
I can't imagine a house (MY house) without music..

But it is bittersweet.
One day, I do hope to own another organ--
in fact, if YOU know anyone who is selling or getting rid of one (preferrably a full-sized one), please let me know.  The piano is great (and again, THANK YOU for it!!) and we will certainly be keeping it and using it, I'm hoping that the kiddies will learn to play as well.. but it is not my "first love" and really, in my opinion--there are HUGE differences between piano and organ.  Sound, playing style, etc. etc. 
I can assure you that I could MAKE room in my house to fit both!

Okay, okay...enough.
Farewell, organ!

Hello, piano!

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