Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Not quite last, but the last bridesmaid, Jill, sister of the groom.
Things were starting to wind down on our end..but just beginning on the part of the wedding party.
 Trevor brought Hannah, the flower girl, (the niece of the groom) over to get her hair done as well.  It took a little convincing for her to want to wear the flower in her hair.

 Checking out the workings of the bustle.
 Flowers arrived around 11:30am


 Almost done...
 Since we did the hair so early in the day, the curls were extra tight as they tend to fall as time goes on.
 Ready to go!
 The plan that worked to get Hannah to sit still.
Sit her in front of the computer on mom's lap with winnie the pooh, her baby and pacifier.
It worked.

 Pretty girl!
 She was fascinated with the beading on her flower girl dress.
 James, looking dapper.
 Just about set for pictures and congregating in the kitchen.
Why is it that people congregate in kitchens anyway??
 Photographers arrived..
waiting to put in the veil.

 Practicing walking with Dad.

 Some family photos at the house.
It was a chilly day!!
I didn't envy the girls their sleeveless or strapless dresses!
 Watching the festivities on the lawn.
 Even Caleb was coordinated to the wedding party!
 The church.
 Groomsmen waiting for the ceremony to begin.
 Hi Brian!
 By this time, I was pretty pooped from being up and about, so my apologies on not getting more shots from the ceremony and reception.  Here is what we have:

 Mr. and Mrs.!!

 The reception.
Nice place.
Wedding shots through the generations.
 The seating chart!
Done and done and re-done to perfection.
 My hubby at cocktail hour.
 A small view of the decor.
And that concludes my photo journey of Joel and Lil's wedding.
Much love, happiness, and blessings!!

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