Saturday, November 19, 2011

ENJOYMENT (also known as, don't read this post Erin!! lol)

I couldn't decide which picture to guess what?? 
I went with all of them.

Today I made sweet potato pie cupcakes
 (you can find the recipe over at, pretty awesome by the way)
The kids were outside and little mister was inside with me.
So he got to sample the leftover icing.

He enjoyed it immensely.

 (all those things on the floor in the background..he likes to pull out of the cabinets while I'm cooking or baking or doing dishes)

As you can see, it got messy.
All over his clothes and face and hands..
it was directly into the bath afterwards!
WITH the spoon, of course!

Can you believe this little guy is going to be one year old in a matter of days??
I can't.

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