Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Wedding prep for the Bridal party can tend to be quite extensive.
Some makeup application on Rachel, sister of the bride.
She was home from Virginia (correct me if I'm wrong) missing classes for her sister's wedding.

Love it.
Sorry, I had to stick that in.
Like I said earlier, these ladies have a lot of hair.
Check out Rachel's!

You don't want to know how long it took to get all those curls in!

Jill came a bit later on with the little guy.
He is a happy kid!
He was content for the most part being entertained and passed around from person to person.
A few of the munchies..
homemade cinnamon rolls
Bah dum dum dum...Here comes the bride!!
Lil was second to last..well, technically third as you'll get prepped.

After trying hairstyle after hairstyle on different nights, she finally decided on a simple, elegant look.

Happy Caleb!
He even had a bit of a cold and it didn't seem to phase him.

Almost there!

The rings..
Super sparkly!!
Not that you can appreciate that from the picture.


This is one wedding where we can say we were right on schedule.
Even with the amount of people to get was nice to have some "down time" instead of rush, rushing to get everyone prepared.  FYI, if you didn't already know..I am not the one creating these hairstyles.  I did help curl and did makeup, not to mention take all the pictures (hey, I never claimed to be a professional!) but the bulk of the work was done by my sister. 
Talented, no?

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