Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Because we're going to the chapel...
Post 1 of many.
Just too many pictures for one shot.

So, October 21st, Joel and Lil tied the knot.
Here are the wedding prep pictures.
It was a long day...
My alarm clock went off at 2am
(yes, 2 AM!!!) to be out of the house and to my sisters for a little after 4am..then the trek down to the bride's abode.  Or, rather, the home of the bride's parents! 

Though a bit blurry, the clock read 5:18am.
This was after we set up all our goodies.
It was early.

 Annie was bright and cheery for being up so early!
And to her credit, she remained so for the day.
The first of the girls to get her hair done.

 A groomsman's ensemble.

 Finishing touches.
Maid of Honor, Rachel.

 Sister of the bride, Sara. 
Home for a short leave from China!!
(You can check out her blog at for some awesome views of China)

 Jen was next, she and Emily arrived around 7:30 am.

 Emily.  This girl has a lot of hair!!
Actually the majority of these girls have nice, Long, Thick hair!
Makes prep time a wee bit longer.

 Pay came along on request to help do makeup.
 Curls, curls, and more curls!
 Annie was the "bobby pin" girl for awhile.
 Back is up..time to pretty up the front!
On to our next grouping!

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