Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our library is awesome.
They have so many programs--
really a lot of diverse activities.
From knitting to poetry to yoga to legos--you name it!
We signed up for summer reading this year.
"One world, many stories" is the theme.
So far so good.  It is exciting because each time they hit their goal (10 books), they get to pick a prize.
Sheesh!  At our house, 10 books could happen in a day!!
The summer schedule at the library is packed with fun things for the kiddies.  Last week we went to a "Magic" show.

Michael LOVED it. 
The above picture shows him holding back his giggles at the "magician's" antics.  By the end, he was hysterically laughing out loud.  It was cute.
The show was pretty well attended.

The bunny did not come out of a hat.
But was there nonetheless.
Looking forward to more events in the next couple of months!!

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