Monday, July 25, 2011


A few tidbits, as promised, from ENOCH

From the Keynote by Kevin Swanson:
A Few Reasons to Homeschool
  • You can take vacation whenever you want
  • You can pray whenever you want
  • The Ten Commandments can be hung on every wall if you so wish
  • All the kids can be in the same level 
  • You can have a class reunion whenever you want
  • There are no school bullies to worry about
  • You can wear your pjs if you are so inclined and don't have to worry about school uniforms
  • Bring your guns to school
  • Don't have to worry about missing the bus.  Ever.
  • The staff can make out in front of the class
Some of that is just fun and funny..but has a ring of truth as well.
  • CARE AND LOVE are the key to educating your child
  • Homeschoolers are above the national average by 39%
  • Videophilia (sp?) is a real problem--(the desire to be around screens all the time)
  • Sometimes goals can be good..but also can be the enemy of the best!!
  • Return to boredom.  Boredom breeds industriousness.
  • You use more brain power staring at a blank wall than in watching tv
  • Textbooks have an AGENDA
  • Not all great minds are good.  Some great minds are evil.
  • There is no such thing as individuality in public schools
  • Plan when you can.  Record when you are able.
From Andrew Pudewa's Nature Deficit Disorder:
In order to learn anything one must:
  1. have attentive perception
  2. contemplation-process info-comprehend
  3. conceptualization-connections that make sense
  4. representation-re-present it to others via words, pictures, music etc.
Modern education does not allow for contemplation.
And there are just a few interesting tidbits.

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