Saturday, July 16, 2011


Happy Birthday, Michael Jacob!!
(The bouncer was an extra special thing)
 Michael turned 5 on the 11th..we had his party on the 9th.
This is my 3rd attempt at posting..I have a LOT of be prepared.  We have said since he was born that we would have a "big" party when he turned 5..otherwise it gets to be too much with large families and friends.
So, here we go.
It had rained Friday night, but Saturday was beautiful.  Even a bit on the warm side.  But it would have been miserable to have indoors.  We don't have air conditioning or a lot of space to hold the amount of people.  So it worked out well.  We did miss several friends who could not be with us..but such is life.

 Rock painting.
This pinata was not one of the hitting was a pull string.
Ever hear of such a thing?  We let all the kids take a swing at it a few times, and then we pulled the strings.
 Birthday boy!!

 The goody grab

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