Monday, July 18, 2011


The kids had been asking to go to this new playground by "Mommy's school," for months.  I kept saying we could go once school was out.
So, school was out and we went.  This playground is still in the works--there have been additions since we went a few weeks ago.  But let me tell you, its pretty stinking nice.  It would have to be near the top on playground I would like to go back to.  It has a lot of cool stuff and things that lend themselves to imaginative play.

 There is a section for older kids and a section for younger kids, which is always nice.

 Rian and Travis were sleeping in the car at this point.  So you won't see them in too many pictures.
 There is one little area dedicated to music!!  Awesome!
A Xylophone type thing, drums,, fun, fun!!!
 Surfing time!
 Love the face, Bean!

 Climbing wall.
 The tower where Michael was trapped by the dragon!
(aka Carina)
 They woke up!  Here is Rian in the smaller section.

Definitely going back there.
I can't wait to see the other equipment that has been installed!

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