Monday, July 18, 2011


My final birthday party post.
Here we go with gifts.

 Very cool.
We've been having fun with these.
 What could be in this BIG box??
 Yay!  His own bean bag chair.
He has been asking for one since before Travis was born.
We received two pink hand-me-down ones last year that are for the girls..and he wanted a blue or green one.
Wish granted.
Thanks, Nena and Popi!!
It has been getting a LOT of use already, he makes sure that it is in whatever room he is in. :)
 Another very nice gift.
(Who am I kidding?  They are ALL nice gifts!)
Aunt Essie and Uncle Joey got Michael his first REAL toolbox and tools.  Something he can have and add to his whole life.
 A tape measure!
Many things have been measured around the house.
He had a mini-lesson from Daddy on how to use it first.
 Look at those kids, sitting soooo nicely and watching the present-opening.  Nice job, kids!
 The cake.  
The lopsided cake.
But it is recognizable, no?
At least everyone who was present could tell it was a dump truck.
We had sort of a cars/vehicle theme going on.
I made the cake that morning.  Well, I tried to make the cake that morning, but I ran out of confectioner's sugar for the icing.  So, I had to put it to the side until Mike could run out and pick up the last minute things that we needed to get.
The cake then ended up being a last minute throw together.
I hate that.
I had guests arriving and the cake was still not complete.
I like to have everything done.
Anyway, it worked out. 
Next time though, I will double and triple check on the amount of ingredients necessary.

Build-a-Bear from Mimi and Poppop.
Now almost all the kids have received one for a special occasion.
Guitar from Uncle Steve.
(Yeah, it is a little girly looking, but that was all they had in the store..and Michael didn't even blink over it)
For whatever reason, all 3 of the older kids have been asking for guitars for months now.  I hope that at least one of them is serious about it and actually learns to play music on it.
A new bike from us.

Off he goes!
Time for cake!
Wow!  Where did those 5 years go?
And how did you get so big?

Happy Birthday, Michael!
We love you and
 hope you enjoyed your party!!

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