Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Missy turned 8 this year!

Her birthday was on a Tuesday and it was pretty busy.  The day before one of the little ones had woken up with stomach issues--coming out of both ends.  Unfortunately, we had to be in Long Valley by 8:45am--no rescheduling or cancelling of our plans.  So, we gathered up extra clothes, mats to put on the seat, a bucket to catch any vomit and a bunch of plastic bags and wipes.  We got there with no incidents, but it was a LONG 3 hour wait while we had to stay there!  Then, later that night we had the last Pioneer Girls meeting for the season!   We couldn't miss it.  On birthdays the birthday person gets to choose the menu for the day, so since Daddy wasn't home we decided to wait until after the meeting so we could all eat together.  It was a long wait there too!

Morning picture

It just so happened that the theme for the year at Pioneer Girls had to do with cupcakes--what better way to end then, than with a little cupcake party!  The girls all sang happy birthday as well!

We got home and finally had some dinner!
Birthday spread.  Quite a menu for an 8 year old!  Crab legs and shrimp with some sides.

Finally, she got to open presents!!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

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