Sunday, October 2, 2016


One weekend in September, we headed to the 4-H Rennaissance Faire at the Fairgrounds.
This is not the one usually held in New York and not quite as grand, however it was a nice time and I would go back next year should the opportunity arise.

They have a bunch of vendors set up and many people attend in costume, just like the "Real" Rennaissance Faire.  We did not attend the entire day, so we didn't follow the whole story line, but it was one group against another in things like living chess and jousting.
They had live falconry, belly dancing, juggling and all sorts of contests for the kids.

A family of singers/performers.

The jugglers.
The kids said this was their favorite part.

Here is a spot where the kids (or adult kids ;) ) could put on gear and "joust" one another.
The girls are gearing up.

OOOH! And she is down!

It was an interesting experience and we certainly had a nice day for it.

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