Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Trying to find a place to go apple picking at the end of September on a weekday afternoon  was nigh on impossible this year.
Apparently, because of the frost in the spring this year's apple crop was affected--or so I was told and the season was super-short this year. 
We DID finally find a place, though not ideal, was halfway and open a little bit later in the day.
The orchard was pretty small, but there were quite a few apples.

Some really LARGE apples!

The kids were all pretty gung-ho about picking and we ended up with um...just a few (ahem!) more apples than we had originally wanted or needed.

The wheelbarrow was full, as in they couldn't tip it up too far to push for fear of losing apples out the front.

I had a wagon to pull and Rebecca had a stroller to push so the wheelbarrow was up to the kids and everyone (especially the big boys) put in a good effort to get it back up the hill to the place we needed to weigh and pay.

Waiting to eat one!!
This place had a no sampling policy, until after payment. :(

We hung out in the parking lot and ate apples for a little while as the kids ran around.
Though it was short, it was still nice to get together.

Til next time!

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