Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We've been friends for more than half of our lives now.
I suppose it is rare to find and stay in touch with childhood friends,
we came together as a group in 8th and were dubbed "The 6 Pack" by one of our dads.

We have two from Stillwater, two from Fredon, one from Hampton and one from Sandyston and then Fredon.  We united at the regional high school, which housed the middle school as well.

Since then we all attended different colleges, well, except for two of us who went to the same college and were even roommates.  We kept in touch throughout.

There have been jobs and breakups, losses and marriages, moves and children and all the lovely things that we call life..and through it all, we have still managed to keep in touch pretty well.

The few of us that are still local try to get together once a month.
Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't depending on the family dynamics/sicknesses/schedules for the particular month.

This.  This reunion hasn't happened in a long time.
I think probably about 9 years since we were all together physically.
It required documentation.

We certainly had a beautiful day for it too!

First time meeting the mister.
I'm so glad he was a good on the plane.  
Maybe his mom will bring him up more often to visit. 

The girls really hit it off.
They've met before on a couple of occasions, but over the summer really seemed to connect and
play nicely together.

We've multiplied over the years.
Two of my boys are missing from this picture..otherwise that is everyone.
Well, minus the husbands of course.

A nice time was had by all.
It was lovely to see everyone.

I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends.
Hopefully doesn't take another 9 years for this to happen again.

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Love!! :)