Sunday, October 23, 2016


Last week, we had a guest speaker for Sunday school.
A missionary to Japan (who also happens to be the daughter of a church member).
She brought in all sorts of things from Japan and gave the children a presentation.

Even traditional dress for some of the older girls to dress up in!
You can bet they loved that!

Missy counting to 10 in Japanese
(compliments of karate class)

She also brought in some Japanese candy for all the children to sample.
It was strange because they could eat the wrapper as well since it was made of rice paper!

The students learned a song in Japanese and tried using chop sticks to 
eat a small snack.

They learned some Japanese etiquette.

We also saw a short presentation about the place that our presenter lives 
and the culture surrounding it.  

It was a nice break and I think the students enjoyed the presentation, it worked especially well for us, because we started talking about Japanese history the next week!

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