Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Where did that year go?

Jared was next to celebrate a birthday, a few days after Carina.
We had a joint birthday party for the 3 November babies this year for various reasons.
It was on Jared's actual birthday.

Enjoying some early morning whipped cream, as I was putting the finishing touches on desserts to bring the party later on.

Dressed and ready for breakfast!
(I see Rian in this picture)

Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy.
With help.
He was not at all interested in opening anything.

What do you get for a 1 year old with two older brothers??

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy.

New jammies, because the hand-me-downs were getting pretty worn, 

socks for the same reason..

And a back pillow..because he is (was) the only one without one.
(No, I did not wrap it.)
(No.  He didn't care.)

He looks pretty pleased, no? 

Later on, the party locale with Daddy.

Baby boy is still a baby.
Albeit, a big one.
20 lbs and 31+ inches.  
I think I put the exact stats in my other post.
He is NOT walking!
He will cruise along the furniture and let go for a few seconds.
It is a big joke to him.
I can't say all my boys walked at 10 months anymore!
He is a climber though...on top of the coffee table, on top of his siblings, onto the dining room chairs..etc.  We are constantly on the lookout.
He is also still nursing a couple of times a day, mostly first thing in the morning, and then before sleeping.
(Another first, I have never nursed up to--and now, beyond--a year)
He eats mostly regular food, with an occasional fruit pack or so of "baby food."
It took a year, but he is now finally napping regularly (YES!!)
Prior to a year old, he would NOT nap in his crib.
We would push him around in a stroller or the high chair--trust me, I tried everything in between.
Just goes to show you, every child is different.

He has a streak of mischief in him, just like another Boogie we know.
It will be fun to see how the two of them interact as J grows older.

Well, I'll wrap it up.

Happy 1st Birthday, Jared!

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