Friday, December 6, 2013


It happens to all of us. 
We are cruising along, full-speed ahead when we encounter speed bumps.
They come in many forms.

Currently we are experiencing some nasty colds that are slowing down 
our normal day to day activities.  
Four out of seven are down for the count, myself included.
Sometimes, I wish we could just live in a sterile bubble in the winter..but that's neither here nor there.

So, what do days look like when we're under the weather?
A lot of times they look pretty normal.
However, we do have those days (like yesterday) where being a high-functioning, meal making, house cleaning, homeschooling, errand running etc. mom just doesn't cut it.

We sleep later.
We start later.
We go slower.
We nap when the little one naps
 (by we, I mean I--something that hardly ever happens)
We might cut out a subject or two from the day's school work.
We watch educational or sometimes not-so-educational, but fun dvds.
We engage in more imaginative play, while Mommy is resting.
We might have a snack instead of lunch.
We think of those dealing with chronic illnesses and 
about how much we take for granted on a daily basis.
Daddy might clean up for the night instead of Mommy (Thanks Daddy!!)
If there are a few dishes left on the counter in the one is worse off for it.

And we get through it.

I am really bummed about missing out on caroling with our friends today.
We've been looking forward to it for two months now..but I can't in good conscience bring our germs into a nursing/rehab center.  Hopefully next year we can join in.

How do you cope with sickness?

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