Thursday, December 12, 2013


Towards the end of November, we were sitting around the table, the kids and I.
It was dark and there were no lights on outside.
Mike had just been called out for a fire and we were sitting down for dinner.
I had had music going and the general noisiness of the day quieted as we sat down.
Then, we heard it.
A scratching sound.
What IT was we weren't sure at first.
The kids said there was someone outside the window.
It being completely dark and the window right next to the table..
that would have just really creeped us out.

I went to the door and turned on the light to find a cat, 
clawing at the window and starting to meow loudly.
(Whew!  Glad it wasn't a person!)

Not a big deal, right?
We've had cats wander through the yard before and what not..
This cat DID.NOT.STOP.

Meow, meow, meoooooow.
Claw, claw, claw.

It wanted to get in in the worst way.

Sorry, but there was NO way I was letting a strange cat into my house.

We figured it would go away the next day.


Three weeks later, we still have a cat sticking around.
(It does wander, by the way.  It does not just stick to the house)
It has stopped clawing on the window and door and stopped meowing..
but if one of us open the door--it is right there most of the time!

I don't mind it hanging around.  
We feed it scraps.  It sleeps under the porch sometimes and Mike put out a box for it.

Know what the strangest thing is?
It rather looks like Nola.
Nola disappeared a few years ago.
It is NOT her, it is too large for one, but just another odd thing.

Anyone ever have a similar experience?
Has an animal ever adopted you??!!

Very strange, I tell you.
Very strange.


Nicolette said...

Strange but sorta cool? That's an easy pet to take care of....

mom r said...

that's a good Halloween pic (if u celebrated) kinda scary!!!!