Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I had a group apple picking date arranged for this season.
However, it rained.  People got sick. And so on and so forth.
So, this was an impromptu apple picking venture with Aunt Essie and cousins.
We were pretty much the only ones there and it ended up being a warmish, sunny day.

Everyone had a sample..

The gang, minus Tabitha.
She was in the stroller.

 The walk down to the orchard (that was pick-able) was quite a hike for little legs.
It was also hilly..

It took us quite awhile especially since Mister had to stop and pick up or examine every (or every other) rock and dirt patch..

There were some goats and sheep to visit afterwards.

So, instead of a larger group we went as a small group.
Different locale too, but it turned out well.
I was glad to get apples and the week was just really, really busy to the point that I think I got worn down from too much and it contributed to my sickness this week!!

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