Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We did it.  
Travis is in a big boy bed.
What a little stinker he is too...
All the other kids were excited and had no issues transferring over--yeah, not this kid!
We put on the safety rails over a week before he would even have anything to do with it.
(FYI, he is on the bottom bunk, Michael is on top)
So one night, I finally got him into it and about 25+ bedtimes songs later..and a soccer ball, he fell asleep.  We are making progress in the getting to sleep department, but it is still not where I would like it to be. I can put him down and sit with him a little while, and then go out usually without him making a fuss or getting out.  Still a far cry from the crib, but we're working on it.
 I still put him for a nap in the crib..I am afraid once it is raised up in a couple of weeks that naps will be done..but we'll see--I really, really hope that is NOT the case.
  Bedtime was a bigger obstacle, since I will be needing the crib in a few short weeks.

Mornings are also a bit different because now he just gets up when he wakes up, rather than waiting for me to get him.  As a result, we get off to a slower start, but so far that hasn't been a problem.  Normally I would get up and be showered with breakfast cooking by the time Mister woke up.  Now--well, the past couple days anyway, he is up a lot earlier and ends up climbing in bed with me for a few minutes in the morning.

We'll run with it.

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