Saturday, October 20, 2012


This week we took a field trip to Liberty Science Center.
Last time we were there was when Carina was an infant.
She was in a stroller.
Want to hear something funny?  I am pretty positive that last time we went, Michael was wearing the  same shirt that Travis is wearing in these pictures!  Totally NOT intentional.

We finally got there after a brief trip to get the car checked out.

Here they are by a WTC beam.
It is nice going during the week, because it is fairly empty.
There were some school groups, but we avoided them and that way it seemed almost like we had the place to ourselves.

Word to the wise:  Pack your own lunch.
Lunch cost nearly as much as admission.

Alligator snapper.
Pretty funky looking.

Carina making some graffiti art..

3rd floor..3 year old.

4th floor animation studio. 

I think the kids enjoyed it.  Michael and Carina refused to go into the touch tunnel, but Rian loved it.
We saw a 3-D show on meerkats.  (Travis is too young to go into the Imax)  Interesting critters.
Unfortunately, they started closing up the exhibits right around time for rush hour it took us a bit over 2 hours to get home :/ at which point EVERYONE is exhausted..but it was a nice day and we were happy to spend it as a family.  Most likely our last field trip for awhile.

There may be more pictures to come.

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