Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What can I say?
I've been busy.
Schoolwork, Housework, Growing Children, Doctor appointments, Extra-curricular activities, Sickness, Just Plain Old Tiredness...something is always occupying our time.  I'm rather looking forward to a forced break when our new little one arrives in a couple of weeks.  

Some snippets of life these past 2 months?

We went apple picking as a family.
That will get its own separate post because some of the pictures are just too cute not to share.

 Soccer, soccer, and more soccer.
They are still undefeated!
(no, the coach is not hitting the girl in the head!)

 Michael had the opportunity to tend goal for a portion of one game.
He was super excited about that.


We celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss.  ;)
And we actually went OUT.
I know!
I was surprised by a lovely bouquet of roses followed by
 a nice, quiet dinner--

School work...

A 60th Birthday Celebration
(grand kids, minus one)

Believe me, there have been a lot more happenings!

We also celebrated Abby Cadaby's first birthday..

Michael and Carina had their first "official" visit to the dentist.
Michael had a follow-up visit for some preventative measures and did awesomely!!

Dance is going well..Little Miss is loving it.

had my arm twisted was asked to play the organ for Sunday Services and take my turn in the evening now with two others.  I will be taking a short hiatus from this until the new year, being that I have a belly that is getting rather cumbersome and will soon, Lord willing, have an infant to be my priority over playing.

And there you have it..just a brief glimpse into our craziness.
Sorry for such a gap in posting.

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