Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"Studies have shown that the more books in a child's home the more likely that the child will be intelligent.  The books in this home are not confined to the learning room but are easily available in every room in the house.  They are in baskets in the family room, the living room, and the bathroom.  They are on bedside tables, in bags to take to the pool, and on tapes in the car."
~Elizabeth Foss

According to this, my kids will be just fine.
Well, more than fine.
They'll be geniuses.

I personally believe that one can never have too many books.
ESPECIALLY when homeschooling.
My house can attest to that fact.

I mean, you might get a little cramped, trying to squeeze in and find a seat next to all the books or have to move a pile off the table in order to find room to put your plate...(I exaggerate only a little), but my kids all LOVE books.  AND, my husband has learned to enjoy books as well since we've been married.  (Don't tell anyone, but he actually carried a book around this past summer to different places we visited in order to fit in some reading time!!  A first!!)

So, if that is what it takes, it is just fine by me!!

Bring on the books!

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