Friday, December 30, 2011


With large families on both sides, it makes sense to break up our celebrating.
Plus, we also have birthdays that surround Christmas it makes for a busy holiday season.

Here are some pictures of our first Christmas celebration.
Trying for the (now) annual couch-shot.
The boys!

There is always one who does not want to cooperate..
This year was no exception.
Can you guess who is missing?
(other than the two in the wombs)

There she is!
At least I got her in a picture, even though it is her backside.

Decorated table.
The kids had made these lanterns at Thanksgiving and now we used them as decor.

Yikes!  There are an awful lot of stockings!

Munchie table.

This little girl was very excited to open presents.
She was waiting oh so patiently!

 Just a few "random" shots of the festivities

We each pick a name and buy for the kiddies but otherwise everything on our end was homemade.
(My house was a DISASTER ZONE for a few weeks while I was cooking and baking and canning)
This year we made marshmallow guns for most of the males (including little boys).
They were a HUGE hit with all.
Very inexpensive and fairly easy to make..and Lots of FUN!

A new baby for the little mommy.

Yes, you are a gift.

A homemade apron from Aunt Essie!

What's in there, Dad?

New aprons all around!

Awesome!  A sled.
Too bad there is no snow!
(NOT that I'm complaining!!  I will take this mild winter weather anytime)

Showing off her new bracelet from Nena and Popi

After everything settled down and bellies were full, we made cookies!

Zack has his first shape picked out

And then we decorated them..

Oh! What fun!

We hope you all had a blessed and happy Christmas
celebrating the Savior!

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