Tuesday, January 31, 2017


So, it is only fair I share about our Thursday co-op as well.
I love this group of people and the way it is run.
We changed locations this school year, which has changed things somewhat--we are in an ENORMOUS, old church and getting from class to class can get a little hectic.
Nevertheless, we all enjoy our Thursday classes.

Nature Friends

Best Buds

Fitness and Fun had some visitors since their teacher was absent..
I mean who wouldn't want to hang out in a room with a ton of those gigantic bean bags?
Seriously, if we had another room in our house and unlimited funds, I'd furnish it with those bean bags.  So. Fun.
Not to mention comfy.

Lego Club.

Music Appreciation.
I'm always busy teaching so I don't really think to take pictures, but this past week the kids were
really getting into the music (Beethoven) and busting out with dance moves, so I thought I'd snap a picture.  It didn't turn out that well, but at least I have it documented.  :)

Some of our other classes include: Show me a Story, Show and Tell Craft time, ABC fun, Gym Class, Kitchen Science, Mystery Science, Classic Tales, Math Skills, Parables, Promises and Predicaments, Art, and His Little Princess.  

As long as all goes well and we are able,  we are in this co-op for the long haul.
It offers so much and the kids and I have all made some good friends.
I'll have to try for some more pictures in this second part of the year.

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