Monday, January 30, 2017


As most of you know, we made our lives crazy this school year by joining not one, but two co-ops.
Why would I do this to myself?  Well, they offer very different classes and the one is located literally right down the road.  

Here are some pictures from Friday co-op:

Recently, Daddy was able to come to co-op with us for a visit.
The kids also were able to each perform a piano piece in the morning for an assembly.

There is a running joke about when we come in every morning..because we come in lugging keyboards.  3 (well technically 4) of the kids are taking piano lessons--number #4 wasn't quite ready so we stopped him--all at the same time.

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Some pics of the piano recital:

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Art class!
This is a two step project, so not yet finished.

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Calendar Time!

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Pre-K Art!
The two littles are in this and I am an aide in the class.
It is a bit crazy, but they both participate and do well.

Jump Right In!
Another mom and I (unknowingly) became the leaders of this class--when no teacher showed up the first day. Or on any day since.  It is basically a gym class with organized games and such.

You'll notice the targets in the background, the two eldest are in an outdoor skills class that includes indoor archery!  They have also made forts in the woods, cooked outdoors over a fire and "made" scat.  

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MJ in cooking class!
They eat all the finished products.

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Dance class for the girls.
They missed dance the past couple years and are really enjoying this.
I'm looking forward to the final performance at the end of the school year.

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Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, table and indoor the cold or the hot..

Group Piano Lessons.

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I missed a couple of classes, but since I have duties I can't be everywhere to take pictures.

The older kids love it.
I like the course offerings, but it is a lot.
#1 with two cling-ons
#2 getting everything else done with only 3 days home
#3 everyone being exhausted by the end of Friday which leads to lots of tears and such from the munchkins..

I have not yet decided our course of action for the next school year.
I'll keep you posted.

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