Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The kids practiced a few songs and memorized verses for the annual

Sunday School program.

Our normally small-ish church is then full on the program day.

There are only two older boys in the group, 
so this year they said their piece and then sat down while the others sang.

We have three Sunday School classes and then the older kids in two classes.
I teach the pre-k class. 

Last year I had one of my little guys refuse to go up or say a piece.  This year he still refused to go up, well, I should modify that.  When we practiced, he did a fantastic of--he refused to go up and stand with everyone.  However, he did walk up albeit reluctantly, and came back down with me and said his piece from the safety of the front bench.  Maybe next year...

Other than that, everyone did a great job!

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