Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This guy recently visited the emergency room.

He slipped on the ladder to the bunk bed (wearing footie pjs) and slammed his mouth somehow on the ladder causing the gums to separate from his teeth.  On top of it all, there was an actual hole in his gum.  LOTS. OF. BLOOD,

Mike brought him to the ER while I stayed home with the rest.
The ER doc didn't want to touch it and said go to see an oral surgeon first thing in the morning.

After searching for an oral surgeon that #1 took our insurance and #2 took pediatric patients--(not an easy task!) he was off.  

He looks pretty happy in that picture, no?
A little bit swollen, but even that is hard to tell--all the nastiness is inside.
Thankfully, the oral surgeon said to leave it alone and it should heal up.
I can only imagine the trauma it would have created in this one, who doesn't even like regular check-ups.  

So,, that is the story.
I hope never to repeat it.

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