Thursday, November 19, 2015


This school year has brought us some new activities.

We are continuing 4-H garden club.
Michael joined a 4-H shooting club (archery & rifle)
(he is doing awesomely by the way!!)
The girls are attending a karate class and pioneer girls.

We all attend a co-op once a week.  Michael takes a class called "How Stuff Works" and Lego club.  Carina and Rian are in an art class and "Jesus Storybook Bible." and Travis is in art and lego club.  Jared and Grant hang with me in nursery one hour and then come into the class that I teach.
Jared just exited the Early Intervention program, but will continue speech services at a clinic.  

I am also teaching the Pre-K Sunday School class this year.

We have missed a month or two due to various other things, but we also still have Family Fellowship Group with church as well.

This has been the first time in about 5 years that we have NOT done soccer in the Fall.
Well, let me modify that--
we signed Travis up for an age appropriate soccer club that met once a week.
I asked him multiple times if he wanted to do it and he seemed psyched to do it.
He is probably our most athletic child, Carina being the second most at this point.
Anyway, so we signed him up and when it came time to actually go practice, he refused to participate.
Mike even went onto the field with him to encourage him and it did not matter.

We tried for 3 or 4 weeks and then just called it quits.
I had my reservations about doing that because #1, we paid for it and #2, who wants to be a quitter or say that quitting is okay??
However, it really was a waste of time and he just wasn't ready.  I won't sign him up for anything else until he initiates it or shows some signs of being ready.

I had asked the other kids at the end of summer if they wanted to do soccer, this or that.  Soccer was not at the top of the list and so we didn't sign up.  I can't say I'm sad.

I think that is about it for scheduled activities..until baseball season that is!

Add that all onto our regular stuff and it is rather busy this year!

What are you up to?

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