Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1 & 3 & 8

Hi!  We are still here.  Plugging along.
I have missed on updating so much!!
I don't know if I will play catch-up or not, we will see.

November is always so crazy around here and this year has been no different.  
In fact, it has been worse!
If I can find the time, I will elaborate on that a bit more.

Today, I just want to share some of our blessings.
In the past 5 days, we have celebrated 3 birthdays.

Carina turned 8!

She made a card for herself and read it out loud to all of us.
What a character she is!

Jared turned 3!

 He is a quiet, sweet little boy.
Carina was not feeling well yesterday and when he saw her up this morning, 
he went and asked her "Carina, are you better?"  If you know Jared, you know he has speech issues and of course it was not articulated so clearly, but it was just soo sweet of him.

Grant also turned 1!

He is developing quite a personality!
He is taking steps and babbles quite nicely, with a few intelligible words thrown in there too.

We had a small open-house style celebration with family for the three of them and of course on the actual birthday, they got to plan the dinner menu .  For the record, Carina chose pizza and 
fish sticks (!!) with some sides and Jared chose waffles.  It was easy for me anyway.

Birthday night for Jared and Grant.
Michael made brownies.

Birthday buddies waiting to blow out the candles.

One more November birthday to go!

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