Friday, November 21, 2014


November is a crazy month for us..a birthday nearly every weekend.
Due to the impending arrival of our newest little one and the lack of space in our house--we decided to have a joint birthday party for the November babies at the firehouse.

Getting set up

Enjoying his cupcake!

We went in order of the birthdays.
Carina was first with her "frozen" gift.  ;)

Seven years old!
Where did that go?

Jared opened next.

Our big 2 year old!

Finally, our little Boogie Monster went last.
He will be 4 years old this weekend.


I didn't take too many pictures..
but there are some advantages to having things at the firehouse (even though it isn't pretty).
The kids had plenty of room to run around and goof off..clean-up is relatively worked.

Happy Birthday Party Day to our November Babies!

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