Saturday, November 22, 2014


A few more pictures of the girl's room.

The closet floor previously had a piece of linoleum down and it was disgusting.
Since we didn't replace the carpet, the dilemma was what to put down in its place.
Leaving it was NOT an option.
Mike picked up a box of wood flooring and now it looks 300x better!

We also had another issue.
Knowing that our new little one was a boy--the bunk beds that the girls previously slept in were staying in the boy's room.
We were two beds short.
I was able to find two matching captain's beds on a local online site.
Problem solved.
They are not in pristine condition, but they work.  
Plus, I LOVE the storage underneath!

The chaos of moving-in day!

For now, the baby's dresser is in there too.
Once we are done with the crib in the boy's room, it will be moved over.
It works for now.
It is mostly all decorated at this point--I still need to find curtains and some minor things,
but that is that.

On to the next room...

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