Thursday, November 27, 2014


Last weekend, our Family Fellowship Group met to do a Thanksgiving-themed activity.  I did not attend due to our new little one.  
The kids helped prepare corn muffins and cranberry sauce
and then decorated/put together their dessert.
I guess Mike didn't take any pictures of them preparing the food.

Carving the turkey.

They also had a mini lesson on being thankful and a finger painting turkey craft.

The kids had a great time.
It is sort of like a Jr. Youth Group, but with a wider age range.
Our church has a huge gap in between those of youth group age and then the little kids--and overall compared to other churches we don't have many kids at all!
We still think it is super important to promote fellowship/friendship/excitement for church activities and such--even with the littles.  Hence, our starting of the group.  We're small right now, but hopefully a few more families will start attending.  There has been the trend of young people leaving the church in the past and we are praying that maybe this type of involvement will be used as a means of keeping our children under the preaching.

Happy Thanksgiving!
We have so much to be thankful for--
may our hearts be more full than our bellies!

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