Thursday, June 6, 2013


Blogging has taken a backseat to life.
It is not a priority right now.
Plus, we got our laptop back and I have yet to re-install my camera software etc. It just has not been high on my list of things to do.  I've composed probably 30 or so posts in my head and forgot all of them just as quickly. 
May was very busy.
This first full week of June has been beautiful.
Weather-wise, near perfect in my book.
Sunny, mid-high 70's..not too hot not too cold..
we have been spending a lot of time outdoors.
Laundry on the line, gardening, schooling, playing etc.
The cicadas are insane!
I have pictures.
You step outside and the sound is just overwhelming.
Some parts of our yard are crunchy.  Literally.
We were reading about them yesterday and they are a pretty amazing creature.
Friends of ours made cicada cookies (no kidding!) and I hope to pick one up later for sampling.
We will see who is brave enough. 
I am happy to report that our garden is growing nicely.
Everything we planted is coming up well, so far.
I am unhappy to report that something ate the roses off the rosebush I received for Mother's Day.
I am SO happy to report that #4 is potty trained.
This is week 3 of wearing underpants.
We've had accidents here and there, but he is doing well. 
We have done underpants overnight since day one and thankfully have had no issues there.
As you probably know, I am planning to school through the summer this year because of the break we took when Jared was born and getting back into the swing of things.
We are on a "summer schedule" about now.
Bit more relaxed, more field trips and outings etc.
Again, our emphasis is mainly on Bible, Math, and Reading at this point.
I'm trying not to stress over not getting to the "extras."
We do what we can, as much as we can, when we can.
I'm pretty sure we're not scarring the children for life because they aren't learning formal grammar or science etc.
T-ball is over this week.
Dance is over at the end of this month.
I found someone who does swim lessons for a very reasonable price, so we're going to try that out for a bit.  I'm not expecting Olympic swimmers, but I do think that water safety and being comfortable in it is important.  Last summer we were a pool a total of 5 times.  I am only one person and with 4 kids to teach (at that time) it was just not possible.  I have one afraid as we'll see how it goes.  I'll keep you posted.
The summer reading program at the library starts this month too!
We're excited for that.
Jared is sitting, albeit still a bit wobbly, by himself and has two top teeth popping through.
Okay, I need to get lunch on the table.
Just wanted to let you know that we're still here.
What have you been up to lately?

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mom rose said...

pls don't feed my grandchildren cicaidas!!!!!!!!! I'm gagging just thinking about it!!!!!!!LOL