Friday, June 28, 2013


We wrapped up our year of dance this week with the recital.
Here are the girls getting ready to go to dress rehearsal.
They were just a little bit excited!

This was Missy's first recital and Bean's second.

We missed professional pictures this year due to scheduling conflict.
I had hoped to get some good pictures on recital night, but it turned out that Missy broke out in poison ivy ALL over her face.  Poor thing.  It is only just starting to clear up now. 
So, this is what we have.

In the auditorium.
Waiting to go on stage.
You know me, I try to be on time for everything.
I don't know why (!!) but it seems to get harder as time goes on..anyway, we were one of the first ones to arrive for rehearsal. 

 And then....

The boys enjoyed the show too.
 There they are!
I did record part of their routine on my phone, but I missed the beginning.
During dress rehearsal, Rian did not smile at all.
So, after we went home and prior to the show, I stressed to her--SMILE!
She did. 
It was very cute,
while standing there with a nice smile and her hands folded in front of her,
 she just neglected to dance!
(for a minute)
Rian is the 4th from the left and Carina is 3rd from the left.
Bean did a great job.
She has the look of a ballerina.
If she chooses to stick with it, I see a lot of potential.

I'm going to try and get my video on here.
ooooh, I think we're successful.
(pssst!  Great job, girlies!)

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my beautiful granddaughters!!!!!!!!!!