Friday, May 24, 2013

MAY 22

My little guy had "minor" outpatient surgery done yesterday.
He did amazingly well.
How do you explain to a 6 month old that he cannot eat?
Yeah, he had to fast.
No food/drink from midnight on.
Surgery was scheduled for 8:45am.
He didn't get in there until after 10:30ish am.
That was a rough wait for me..
again, he did AMAZINGLY well.
We had some fussing but no outright screaming..poor baby was hungry. 
I felt so terrible.
This picture was taken around 9am

Still fairly happy over an hour later, after taking a short nap.

Then the wait.
Mike was (is still) away on a work-related trip and so I was there solo.
I had to hand over my baby.
The hospital does not allow parents in the operating room if the child is under 1 year old.
The actual surgery was relatively quick, under an hour, but felt like much, much longer.
By the time I was able to feed him, Jared had eaten nothing in over 12 hours!
He slept quite a bit yesterday, but in between was pretty much his normal self.
Even with a "minor" or routine surgery, things can go awry. 
I am so, so thankful that all went well.
Kudos to those parents and care givers that go through this on a regular basis.

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