Monday, May 20, 2013


I think this has been one of the longest blogging "breaks" I've taken thus far.
It was not an intentional one.
Life has a way of happening.
May has been so busy!!
I have a bunch of pictures, but one of May's recent happenings is that I knocked over Mike's drink (accidentally) onto our laptop and our hard drive was fried.  I am currently on his firehouse/work laptop.  So, no pictures for the present.
We have had two deaths of acquaintances/friends this month.
We celebrated Missy's 4th birthday.
We finished out our co-op year.
Jared turned 6 months and started solid foods.
I think that will be its own post once I'm back on my regular computer.
I was a bit surprised.  I'll leave it at that.
We took a trip to the zoo as a family.
We installed a new toilet.
Celebrated Mother's Day.
Prepared and planted our garden (minus half a row)
Prayed as we had a family member go through a very serious surgery.
(currently in recovery, Praise God!)
Attended the ENOCH convention.
Took the kids on an overnight (first time't even remember that far!) and a day trip with Daddy while Mommy attended the convention.
Attended several T-ball games and practices.
And the list goes on.
A little slice of what has been happening. 
I just wanted to check in.
Hopefully, I will be back to regular posting soon.
Till then--

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