Monday, April 29, 2013


Sleep that extra few minutes or have a smooth morning?

Spend the extra time snuggling the baby or squeeze in 10 more math problems?

Tackle the piles of dirty laundry and dishes or go play outside?

My house is loud.  
Pretty much the only time it is NOT loud is overnight.
Sometimes, it gets to me.
I have to yell just to be heard.  Literally.

However, it won't be loud for long.
These days pass all too quickly.
Those with grown children will attest that these are the best days--Not high school,  certainly NOT college, Not as empty-nesters--NOW.  Amidst the chaos and noise..let them be little.
Let them be messy and loud and dirty if need be.
Mess and dirt clean and noise is temporary.

I'm not a "young" parent anymore.
I need to let go of the un-important and joy in the present...
the Gift of 5 healthy, active children,
'cause it won't be like this for long.


mom rose said...

yes, time does fly I wish I enjoyed the messes more, if I could I'd do it all over!!!!!!!!!

Erin said...

great song stacie!! i was thinking it was trace adkins, forgot it was darius rucker..another good one is You're Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins :)