Monday, April 1, 2013


What was once a sick day--
has become a sick week and could potentially spread into a sick 2 months.
But let us NOT go there.

Whatever it is that the kiddies have caught is knocking them for a loop.
Travis was the first to go.
Lots and lots of sleeping.
Wanting to be held every second.
Projectile vomit for several days with not even water staying down.
It has moved to the other end now.

Let me tell you, as much as I have wanted Travis completely potty trained, 
I am SO thankful that he is not completely during this stint.
Mess that a 2 year old (let alone a 10 year old or a 25 year old) certainly could not handle.

After 5 days and no one else getting ill, I thought we were over the hump and on our way back to health.  He was starting to smile....
He started asking for food..

For the record, I just caught two-hands worth of chunky vomit.
Yes, caught it.
Saved me the clean-up, I guess.
One of those automatic Mom-things I guess.  
Unless you are MY Mom. ;)
In our house growing up, if you vomited anywhere outside of the toilet, garbage, puke bucket (you get the picture) you cleaned it yourself.
 Incentive to make it to the bathroom.

My older ones are good about getting it into the bucket, and once he had one--so was Travis.
That first vomit was a doozy though and caught us all off guard.

Anyway, back on track--
5 days and I thought we were in the clear.
What a horrible April Fool's joke!
Carina is down for the count.

Pray that it does not last a week and oh please, oh please, that no one else gets it!


Anonymous said...

I think as a mother it's part of our job to clean up barf,I've cleaned it up from teens, cause they were to sick to get up. as a mother I wouldn't even think of making my young kids clean up barf!!!!!!!!!

Stacie said...

I would be hard pressed to find any reason for anyone over 5 to not even get up and try to make it to the toilet or into some container. You can feel when it is coming the majority of the time. It is our jobs as mothers to teach them how to take care of themselves.

mom rose said...

I hope everyone is feeling better,love Grandma