Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Here are a few more pictures from Jared's birth.

 Did you know, my water did not break prior to delivery.
He came out in the sac or partially in the sac..

  Jared Arthur.
Michael's name was originally going to be Jared Michael..but someone (ahem!) decided that he wanted to pass on his name.  ;)  Jared has been on our list for awhile.  Arthur is my maternal grandfather's name.  We like to keep middle names as family names.  Enough said.

Delivering midwife

Another thing about delivering at home--neither good nor bad--is that there is a lot more legwork and preparation involved.  We had to attend a mandatory home birth class (which was informative, by the way) and get "cleared" by one of the affiliated doctors at 37 weeks (to date, no one has been turned down for a homebirth)..plus all the STUFF we had to get.  The tub, the liner, a new hose and connection, towels, make sure there was food in the house..etc. etc. etc.
PLUS, afterwards there is a bit of running around to do.
We had to bring Jared to the pediatrician the day after birth...then the following week we had to go to the hospital (I know, doesn't that seem like a step backwards!!??) to get a PKU..etc.

I think I mentioned it last post, but Mike was home all last week to help out and allow me to "get back on my feet."  He was a tremendous help.  I couldn't say enough.  So, this is my first week flying solo.  So far so good..we haven't started back up with full-time school..but I'm hoping to play catch-up with the things we did not get to during the week of birth and then, as long as all goes well resume our "regular" schedule beginning next week.

Jared is 11 days old today.
He has really been a good baby thus far.
After the first initial days (and they weren't even too bad!) he has settled down and is sleeping an average of 6-7 hours a night.  Not too shabby!!  Granted, he can eat for a solid hour straight!  He is a snuggler..Travis was such a wiggle worm that holding him was something of a challenge at times.  Jared is nice to hold.  :)


Now, that I've given you pretty much all the birth photos..be prepared to be inundated with pictures as we go.  :)

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