Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Travis turned two this month.

Matchbox car case.
It has a handle that pulls up and so Travis calls it his "vacuum."

Getting excited over his new blanket.
It has all kinds of balls on, baseball, football..
whats not to love?

The youngest party guest.
Jared is 1 week old in this picture.
(Thanks to Aunt Essie for taking all the pictures, since my hands were occupied)
Travis doesn't seem to be having any issues with having a little brother.
He is sweet (albeit a teensy bit on the rough side) and likes to pat Jared's head and give him a kiss.
He refuses to say "Jared" though, when asked what the baby's name is, he will say "O."
("O" for cousin Owen).
I think he is just being a stinker though and doing it on purpose.
That is Travis for you.  

Yay!  Train tracks from Mommy and Daddy.
Travis is all boy and very into vehicles and sports.
He is such a personality..he is doing a great job talking (not perfect, but definitely working on it), he is not 100% potty trained, but again, doing a great job.  I think if we were to crack down on him a bit harder it would be just a matter of a couple days--he goes every time we put him on the potty..he just doesn't tell us when he has to go. 

Birthday cake!!
Made by Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Boogie!!

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Your welcome! I love the pic of Travis and his blanket!!